If you’re planning an event or activation and are wondering what branding to produce, then you might want to consider banners. There are many types of banners available at Impress and they all have different uses. Let us show you how you can leverage the different type of banners to achieve outstanding branding for your activation or event

Vinyl banners: Attract

Vinyl banners are the type of banners you see mounted on walls on buildings or over bridges. In Durban, these can sometimes be seen when driving towards the CBD, over the tollgate bridge, or on the bridge near Moses Mabhida Stadium.  Vinyl banners are ideal for advertising events to passing traffic. They are often used to advertise major music and sports events.

How to design an impactful Vinyl banner

It is important to understand that this type of banner is used to attract your audience from a distance and inform them of your message in a matter of seconds, therefore the message needs to be short, bold and clear. If you’re advertising a music show or sports event, you need to ensure that the name of your event, dates and venue are printed in a bold, large font so that people can see it from a distance as they drive past. You might also want to list a few names of famous people that will headline your event, to entice your audience but do not be tempted to include too much information. The intention is to attract people from a distance. Once they are interested, you can direct them to other platforms for more information.

Flag banners: Attract

Flag banners are perfect for drawing attention to an event venue, much like a landmark. When multiple flags are placed outside an event, it is difficult for cars passing by not to notice the activity happening in that area. The use of multiple flag banners on the periphery of your business/ event will definitely help draw the attention of potential customers. They are ideal for use, together with other outdoor branding solutions, for events such as sports events, outdoor music festivals, markets. We recommend that you limit the wording on flag banners to a bare minimum, such as the name of the event or company, as they are not designed for wordy messaging.

Banner Walls

Banner Walls are designed for engaging your audience. They come in a standard size of 2.25m x 2.25m. They are ideal for use at a closer range, to create lasting impressions or memories for your event or business. At Impress, we believe that a banner wall is a great tool for getting your audience to engage with your brand, in the following way;

  • Backdrop for Photo Opportunities: Engage

Whether you are engaging the media at a press conference, whether you’re interviewing guests on the red carpet of an awards event or whether you want your guests to pose for a selfie and post it on social media, a banner wall it is always a great idea to have a banner wall with your branding, serving as a backdrop for that photo that will end up in the public domain.

  • Backdrop on stage

Banner walls are also a great way to get branding on stage during an event. Here they are usually ideal for speaking engagements with smaller stages and audiences.

How to design an impactful Banner Wall

There is only one rule of thumb when designing a banner wall, keep it simple! By this we mean, it is enough to have your company name/ product name or event name and or logo on the banner wall. No images, no advertising copy, just the name, printed repetitively across the banner. This is so that, regardless of which angle a photo is taken using that backdrop, your logo will be visible in the background, if it is printed repetitively on the banner.